Amendments to the CITT Rules

On April 27, 2018, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal announced the coming into force of amendments to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules, which govern the manner in which proceedings are conducted. These amendments will modernize the Tribunal’s procedures to ensure they are transparent and efficient.

Among the changes, the Tribunal will no longer accept paper copies from parties, and is going forward with its electronic filing initiative. This means that parties are now required to file all documents electronically – either by email or via the Tribunal’s secure e-filing system.

For ease of reference, the Tribunal has created a summary of the changes, as well as an office consolidation document, which includes a visual side-by-side comparison of what has changed. These documents allows interested parties to quickly determine where the changes have been made. 


I’m a party to proceedings that are already under way. What does this mean for me? How do I submit documents to the Tribunal?

As these changes come into effect immediately, we ask that you submit your files electronically going forward, even if you started the proceedings by submitting paper copies.

How do I submit files electronically?

Documents can be submitted to the Tribunal via its secure e-filing service or via email.

What if I forget and submit paper copies to the Tribunal?

The Tribunal will accept the paper copies in accordance with the Policy on handling paper filings.

What if I have issues with the secure e-filing service? What do I do?Should the Tribunal’s secure e-filing service be causing you issues and/or you are unable to submit files successfully, we ask that you submit files via email. Should you be attempting to file confidential information, we ask that you contact the Registrar’s Office for additional help. The Registrar’s Office can be reached at 613-993-3595.

Questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Registrar’s Office at (613) 993-3595.