Practice Notices

Electronic Hearings

Under Rule 25 of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (the Tribunal) may decide to proceed by way of electronic hearing, either entirely or in combination with an in-person or paper/file hearing. An electronic hearing is a hearing held by telephone or video conference.

The Tribunal will consider proceeding by way of electronic hearing if the party or witness taking part in the proceeding is located outside of the National Capital Region.

Citing Authorities

  1. This Practice Notice provides guidance for the citation of authorities in proceedings before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (Tribunal).
  2. Parties appearing before the Tribunal have the opportunity to rely on authorities in support of their positions, provided they properly cite and index them in their submissions. For example, subrule 34(2) of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules, in part, specifically requires parties in Appeals to include a table of authorities on which they intend to rely and to file and serve copies of those authorities.

Filing Documents

This practice notice relates to the filing of documents pursuant to Rule 12 of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules (Rules).

In order to reduce the cost of filing documents and to improve parties’ access to justice, the Tribunal hereby gives notice that it is varying Rule 12 by application of Rule 6, as follows:

Introduction of Measures to Improve the Tribunal’s Procedures during Preliminary Injury Inquiries (Pilot)

Product Description and Samples Submitted in Respect of Textile Tariff Relief Investigations

Under the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's (the Tribunal) Textile Reference Guidelines, all requests for textile tariff relief must be accompanied by a description, as well as samples, of the textile input for which tariff relief is being sought.1 It has been the Tribunal's past practice to send these samples to the Department of National Revenue (Revenue Canada) for detailed analysis only after an investigation has commenced.

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