Product Description and Samples Submitted in Respect of Textile Tariff Relief Investigations

Under the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's (the Tribunal) Textile Reference Guidelines, all requests for textile tariff relief must be accompanied by a description, as well as samples, of the textile input for which tariff relief is being sought.1 It has been the Tribunal's past practice to send these samples to the Department of National Revenue (Revenue Canada) for detailed analysis only after an investigation has commenced.

Acceptance of National Customs Rulings in the Filing of Requests for Tariff Relief on Imported Textile Inputs

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (the Tribunal) currently has procedures that require that, when filing a request for tariff relief on imported textile inputs, a requester submit samples of the textile inputs. Some of these samples are then sent by the Tribunal to the Department of National Revenue (Revenue Canada) for laboratory analysis and tariff classification. The remaining samples are kept by the Tribunal for the record and possible distribution to parties.

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