Text Version of Interim Review Flow Chart

Appendix 1 is a flowchart depicting the interim review process.

The following describes the commencement phase:

The process starts with the receipt of a request for interim review. If the Tribunal decides that the request is not properly documented, it can either terminate the case or request additional information.

If the Tribunal decides that the request is properly documented, it requests submissions on whether an interim review is warranted from parties (to the case from which the interim review is requested) and a reply submission from the requester.

The Tribunal then decides whether an interim review is warranted.

If the answer is “no”, the Tribunal issues a decision to that effect and it does not conduct an interim review. The Tribunal’s statement of reasons is issued 15 days later and the case is terminated.

If the answer is “yes”, the Tribunal issues a notice of commencement of interim review.

The following describes the review phase:

The Tribunal may post on its Web site requests for information or questionnaires. Next, the Tribunal receives replies to the requests for information or questionnaires, as applicable, as well as submissions and reply submissions. The Tribunal may hold an oral hearing, if necessary.

At the conclusion of an interim review, the Tribunal issues an order either rescinding or continuing, with or without amendment, the previous finding or order (or any aspect of it), with reasons to follow 15 days later.

A party may request a judicial review of a finding or an order by the Federal Court of Appeal or a binational panel.