Safeguard Measure Flow Chart Text Version

Appendix 2 is a flowchart depicting the safeguard measure process.

If the Government directs the Tribunal to recommend the most appropriate safeguard measure following an affirmative determination of serious injury, or threat thereof, to domestic producers, the Tribunal has 90 days to submit its report to the Government on the most appropriate safeguard measure such as an import surtax, an import quota or a tariff-rate quota.

Safeguard measures may be applied for an initial period of up to four years. If a safeguard measure is to remain in effect for a period of more than three years, the Tribunal must conduct a mid-term review of the measure before its mid-point.

The Tribunal may conduct an extension inquiry to determine if a safeguard measure that is due to expire is still necessary.

Safeguard measures can be extended, if the Tribunal determines that they are still necessary. The maximum period of application of safeguard measures is eight years, at which point any measure, or measures, lapse.